Bands To Listen To: Made in Heights, Marian Hill, Broods

Bands To Listen To: Made in Heights, Marian Hill, Broods

Electronic pop has become a staple in today’s popular music scene with artists like Lorde and St. Vincent at the top of the game, and thousands of other artists adding to the vast genre. This weeks bands fall within the electronic pop genre, but encompass a distinct flare that is original and fun.


1. Made in Heights

Electronic pop duo Made in Heights (

Let the whispery, silk voice of Kelsey Bulkin fill your ears, and glide along with the mystical, electronic beats of Alexei Sabzi. Made in Heights is a electronic pop duo from New York City and currently based in L.A. Their music has a storyteller vibe to it, one that captures the imagination and takes the listener on a mythical journey. “Viices” begins with a dream-like sound, and Bulkin’s voice drifting and airy, making one feel as if they are exploring a magical city. Check out Made in Heights and their self-titled album on iTunes and Spotify.


2. Marian Hill

Samantha Gongol of Marian Hill (

Marian Hill is a electronic duo from Philly with the vocals of Samantha Gongol and the production of Jeremy Lloyd. The old-timey voice of Gongol is soulful and sexy, drawing on the influence of classics like Ella Fitzgerald. Marian Hill has a vintage sound with an electronic flare, making them a delicious mix of modern and classic. Their song “Whisky” captures that classic-soul with Gongol’s slow, fiery vocals combined with a resounded clap, stomp beat. Marian Hill feels like sitting in a jazz club and being sung to by a soulful seductress. Check out Marian Hill’s EP, Play, on iTunes and Spotify.


3. Broods 

New Zealand sibling duo Broods (

Broods is a sibling duo from New Zealand with Georgia and Caleb Nott. Broods has a bursting sound that is full and captures an intricate backbeat with Georgia’s soaring vocals. The band has top charts in both New Zealand and the United States, and are continuing to rise in popularity with their captivating electropop sound. “Mother and Father” has a deep, resounding beat and a collection of various sounds, combining with vocals that invite singing and dancing along. Broods will make any listener want to get up, move, and sing along. Check them out on iTunes and Spotify.


Check out these bands and share with me some of your own favorite electronic pop bands in the comments below or find me on Twitter @whatsthesich

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