Bands To Listen To: Future Thieves, Sw/mm/ng, Cheers Elephant

Bands To Listen To: Future Thieves, Sw/mm/ng, Cheers Elephant

The bands featured this week are a combination of psychedelic, indie, and pop rock. They feature unique takes on classic sounds. They are perfect for anytime listening, whether it be driving in the car or hanging out with friends, these bands are sure to bring the good vibes and great tunes.


1. Future Thieves

Future Thieves EP cover (

Future Thieves is a rock and roll band from Nashville, Tennessee, with influences from blues, indie rock, and classic rock. This band comprises its own unique rock sound that captures listeners with their smart guitar riffs, strong vocals, and undeniable talent. Their song “Secret,” off their EP features their ability to create a definitive rock presence, that highlights the talents of each member, while also maintaining a focus on their collective energy and sound. Future Thieves gives listeners that classic rock feel, with a modern indie influence. They are perfect for those looking for something to rock out to, or simply sit back and enjoy their pure talent. Check out Future Thieves on Spotify and their website.


2. Sw/mm/ng

Feel Not Bad album cover for Sw/mm/ng (

Sw/mm/ng is a dream pop band out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. They feature a reverb indie pop rock sound that is easy to listen to and get lost in their swimming sounds. They recently released their first full length album, Feel Not Bad, with eight tracks of wavy, pop goodness. Their song “Oils,” has an ethereal feel to it, featuring echoey guitar and synth instrumentals, calling on old school psychedelic vibes. Their music makes one feel as if they are gliding along the road, feeling good, and lost in sound. Get lost in Sw/mm/ng’s current on Spotify and Bandcamp.


3. Cheers Elephant

Cheers Elephant album cover for Like Wind Blows Fire (

Cheers Elephant is a psychedelic, indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has been jamming since 2007. They have a Beatles-esque vibe, with a funky flare that is sure to make any listener feel good. Their songs are fun rock songs, with good-humored lyrics, giving them an irresistible charm. “Tracking the Whale,” off their self-titled album, begins with a blast of fast paced guitar, and slides melodically into a tale about living life under the sea. Cheers Elephant takes psychedelic rock, and gives it a wit and a charm. Get your groove on with Cheers Elephant on iTunes and Spotify.


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