Bands to Listen to: Franz Ferdinand, The Orwells, mr. Gnome

Bands to Listen to: Franz Ferdinand, The Orwells, mr. Gnome

Everyone has those bands they love to rock out and jam to. These bands have a rebel rock sound that is perfect for any jam session.


1. Franz Ferdinand 



Franz Ferdinand is an art rock band composed of four members. Their most popular song being 2003’s “Take Me Out,” which secured them a spot as a modern rock influence. They released their latest album, “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action,” in August 2013. They have an electric, adventurous sound, full of catchy guitar riffs. Be sure to check out Franz Ferdinand on Spotify and iTunes.



2. The Orwells


The Orwells are a young American rock band comprised of five members, with lead singer Mario Cuomo. They released their first full length album, “Remember When,” in 2012, and they are set on releasing their second album, “Disgraceland,” on June 3. The Orwells have a vintage rock sound with just the right amount of punk to be the perfect band for any rock rebel. Check the Orwells out on Spotify and iTunes.




3. mr. Gnome 

Madness in Miniature album cover (

mr. Gnome is a pop-metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, with singer Nicole Barille and drummer Sam Meister. Their third album, “Madness in Miniature,” is explosive and dreamily eerie. mr. Gnome has a distinctive grunge rock feel that is both chaotic and precise. Barille and Meister have a rebel energy and an electricity that they express in their music through powerful vocals and wonderfully frenzied drumming. Check out mr. Gnome on Spotify and iTunes.




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Carolyn Ambrosich

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