Bands to Listen to: Delta Spirit, Givers, Electric Guest

Bands to Listen to: Delta Spirit, Givers, Electric Guest

All three bands this week have an earthy, spiritual vibe. Each band captures a sound that features distinct voices and beats that are easy to listen and move to. These bands are perfect for when you want something to sing and groove along to.


1. Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit band members (

Delta Spirit is an indie band that consists of five members from California. The band features a textural sound this is passionate and full of heart driven drum beats. The band released their third full length album, “Delta Spirit,” in 2010, and is set to release their fourth album titled “Into the Wide” in September. Their song “California” is a melancholic, but hopeful vibe, about a past lover who hopes the best for his ex. It pairs emotion with sounds in a way that is not overbearing, but still heartfelt and true. Check out Delta Spirit on iTunes and Spotify.


2. Givers

“In Light” album cover (

Givers is an indie folk band from Louisiana with five members. The band was formed by members Tiffany Lamson and Taylor Guarisco in 2008. The band has an eclectic sound that combines the harmonies of Lamson and Guarisco that float over a collection of various world beat inspired instruments. The band released their first album titled “In Light” in 2011, and are currently in the studio. “Atlantic” begins with a airy sound and Lamson’s voice that drifts and flows. The song continues and picks up speed with inspired drum beats and an afro-beat sound. Givers are on iTunes and Spotify.


3. Electric Guest

Album cover for “Mondo” (

Electric Guest is an indie band from Los Angeles that consists of four members. The band combines an electric feel, with a vintage groove sound to create a unique vibe. Their debut album, “Mondo,” was released in 2012. Their popular single “This Head I Hold” begins with only a piano and then quickly transitions into a catchy, upbeat tune that captures Electric Guest’s vintage, electronic sound. Be sure to check out Electric Guest on iTunes and Spotify.



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