Bands to Listen to: CocoRosie, Fleet Foxes, Beats Antique

Bands to Listen to: CocoRosie, Fleet Foxes, Beats Antique

The bands this week all have a sound that encompasses both the earthy and the spiritual. Their sounds are experimental that pull on the traditional and antique. The genres of these bands range from folk to electronic, and are diverse enough that they could be for any time or place.


1. CocoRosie

The sisters of CocoRosie (

CocoRosie is a band formed by two American sisters in Paris, France. They push the boundaries of weird and wonderful with a sound that has been described as “freak folk.” They combine their raspy, airy voices with a mix of exotic sounds that cross genres including electronic, pop, and folk. Their song, “After the Afterlife,” begins slow with a lullaby-esque verse, that slides into an electronic beat accompanied by graceful piano. CocoRosie gives one an eerie feeling as if one were exploring a new, magical, world. Check out CocoRosie on iTunes and Spotify.


2. Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes self titled album cover (

Fleet Foxes is a band from Seattle formed in 2006 by singer/guitarist Robin Pecknold. They are known for their majestic and thoughtful harmonies, and folk sound. Pecknold’s voice sores over a collection of earthy guitar and drums, and echoes as if he were in a room with lofty acoustics. “Ragged Wood” begins with a collection of harmonious voices, and shows Fleet Foxes ability to create songs that range from slow and melodic, to upbeat and hopeful. Fleet Foxes is perfect for a contemplative or thoughtful mood, and allows the mind to slow and think. Listen to Fleet Foxes on iTunes and Spotify.


3. Beats Antique

Beats Antique band members (

Beats Antique is an electronic, belly dance instrumental band from California. Beats Antique combines the different styles of world music to create an modern, electronic sound, that is also antique with a middle eastern influence. Their sound makes one want to move like a belly dancer or explore a world of Saharan adventure. The song, “Egyptic,” begins by capturing an ancient middle eastern sound, that transitions into an electronic ripply beat. Find your inner belly dancer with Beats Antique on iTunes and Spotify.


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