Bands to Listen to: Alabama Shakes, Dr. Dog, The Head and the Heart

Bands to Listen to: Alabama Shakes, Dr. Dog, The Head and the Heart

The bands featured this week have got soul. Each band has a rocker vibe that is one part bluesy and one part groovin’. They are easy to sing along to, move to, and are good for any type of listening or setting.


1. Alabama Shakes 


Members of the Alabama Shakes (

The Alabama Shakes is a rock quartet  from — you guessed it — Alabama with a soulful rock sound that is reminiscent of their southern roots. Their first album, “Boys and Girls,” was released in 2012, and has received a lot of attention, including a couple of Grammy nominations. “Boys and Girls” is a solid album, with a southern charm full of blues and rock. Their song, “Heartbreaker,” starts with a slow build straight into a bold, soulful confession with lead singer Brittany Howard’s fiery voice swinging over bluesy guitar. Check out the Alabama Shakes on iTunes and Spotify.


2. Dr. Dog


Dr. Dog band members (

Dr. Dog is an indie rock group from West Grove, Penn. They have a antique sound heavily influences by bands from the 1960s. Dr. Dog released their seventh album, “B-Room,” in 2013. The album is a smooth, natural listen and is not overly produced or over-thought. It encompasses a soulful, vintage sound that is accompanied with just enough synth to make it  modern and poppy. The song, “Broken Heart,” is full of bright, layered vocals and rhythmic, calculated drums and guitar. Listen to Dr. Dog on iTunes and Spotify.


3. The Head and the Heart 


Members of The Head and the Heart (

The Head and the Heart is a indie-folk band from Seattle, Wash. Their music is equally from heart and from the head, with songs that embrace a comforting emotionalism and lyrics that encompass a thoughtful contemplation. Their sophomore album, “Let’s Be Still,” released in 2013, shows the band’s ability to express their sound through a variety of instrumentals and melodic harmonies. The second song off the album, “Another Story,” is a perfect example of The Head and the Heart’s classic folksy sound that (as the title suggests) is able to tell a story.  The Head and the Heart is on iTunes and Spotify.


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