6-Year-Old Vine Star Cousin Terio Perpetrates Image of Ballin’ in Lieu of Self-Edification

6-Year-Old Vine Star Cousin Terio Perpetrates Image of Ballin’ in Lieu of Self-Edification


Vine is the app to download for laughs all around. The popular smartphone application is becoming widespread over social media with many re-tweets on Twitter and spin-off Facebook fan pages, such as Best of Vines, Daily Vines, and Funny Vines.


Along with the popularity of the six second videos comes the ever more prominent “Vine famous” stars who rack up over a million followers on the application, as well opportunities into various careers like acting and comedy. Among these “Vine famous” stars is six-year-old Cousin Terio.


Known for his memorable catchphrase, “ooh, kill ’em,” Terio is gaining momentum in his travel to eminence. The Vine star has an impressive 1.1 million Vine followers and has met with a plethora of celebrities including NBA athlete, LeBron James, and actress, Meagan Good. The opportunities that Terio has experienced are quite extraordinary; yet, there is one question that must be asked: is this what our generation’s children have to look forward to?


Of the 351 vines that Terio has posted, nearly all resemble a high-budget rap video: saturated with gold chains, females barely dressed, various hotel rooms, and young Terio in the spotlight. This a six-year-old child who should be focused on learning his multiplication and division, not his studio time or shooting music videos behind cars that he cannot drive.


However, aspiring to be a rapper, this is the lifestyle which Terio hopes to procure; this is the realization that fame and money is what our children are looking up to, not graduating school and looking for self-edification. Here we have a six-year-old child — who is supposedly a home-schooled first grader — dreaming of nothing more than to be a musician with fans that scream his name and perpetrate the image of “ballin’.”


Viewers can see him dancing in shoe stores and calling on rappers like Rick Ross to “make a hit together.” When have viewers seen Terio completing a homework assignment? The answer is once, and his paper was blank. The lifestyle of Terio is showing a decreased value in education and a higher priority on things that most do not get in life, save for the elite one percent of the population.


The fault, of course, does not land on Terio. There are many reasons that someone so young would wish for a lifestyle that is sometimes temporary and often superficial. The environment in which a child grows accounts for an abundant amount of the way they view life — it is the way in which humans evolve. The parents and images that appear in popular culture also have a significant impact on the formation of a child’s value system.


Despite the reason, it is time to change what ever it is that is sending our youth down the paths of easy get-rich-quick schemes and help Terio and others to aspire for more fulfilling and practical careers and lifestyles.


What do you think about Cousin Terio? Do you think society is to blame, or do you think the fault lies with his parents? Let me know in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @DeShonna_Aliyah.

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