3 Songs That Will Give You Ultimate Feels

3 Songs That Will Give You Ultimate Feels

Every once in a while, a song comes along that you never get tired of no matter how many times you play it on repeat. We have compiled a list of songs for you that you will keep on repeat for the next four weeks, and after that, every time it comes on, you will still be excited to hear it play yet again. These are the songs worth listening to; the ones that, even for a brief moment, take you away from yourself and show you a different perspective on the world. All of a sudden, everything is beautiful, life is a mystery, and even cheesy sentiments like these seem to hold some higher significance:


1. “Blood” by The Middle East

This song is every memory that you loved and miss about your childhood wrapped into one melancholic, nostalgic, beautiful song. The minute it starts to tinker along, within seconds, you become captivated by the melody, and then you listen to the lyrics. Almost instantly, the world around you becomes clear, and you hope the song will never end, that your life will forever be scored by the haunting tune. But, alas, it does end five minutes and 25 seconds later, and the next song on the playlist rolls in:


2. “All Will Be Well” by The Gabe Dixon Band

This song picks you up from the melancholy note left by the previous song; instead of resurfacing your long-forgotten childhood memories, this song charges forward with hope for the future: “A new day dawns, and I am practicing my purpose once again…” The first line of the song sets the tone with a hopeful trill. This song represents everything that hasn’t happened yet and where our lives will lead us down the line. None of us know where that will be, but we can only hope that we stay true to our own path along the way.


3. “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap

This song wraps you up in the moment, suspends you in midair, and moves the world around you as you stand steadfast in the center. This song, with its steady beat and ethereal undertones, will make the world look totally different. The way the song builds with crescendos and steady plateaus; it will feel like a roller coaster ride — the best roller coaster you’ve ever been on!


Here are a few more songs we think you should add to your playlist full of perspective-changing songs:


“I See Fire” – Ed Sheeran

“First Day of My Life” – Bright Eyes

“America” – Simon & Garfunkel

“Stay With Me” – Sam Smith

“Girl From North of the Country” – Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash

“Blackbird” – The Beatles

“Quelqu’un M’a Dit” – Carla Bruni


What are the songs that give you the feels? Tell us in the comments below or shoot me a tweet @JenksUOhMeASoda

Hannah Jenkins

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