2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Featuring Aloe Blacc

2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Featuring Aloe Blacc

“The World is Ours:” a powerful statement being sung over Brazilian-style beats, and combining the voices of artists from around the world. “The World is Ours,” by Aloe Blacc and David Correy, is the 2014 FIFA World Cup theme song. It is a song celebrating oneness and the coming together of different nations to enjoy soccer and friendly competition.


The song is part of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour presented by Coca-Cola.  The Trophy Tour began in Sept. 2013 and has traveled to over 80 countries around the globe. It is an opportunity for soccer fans around the world to join in a global celebration of the tournament, which is set to begin in June. In each city that the tour stops, people can get pictures with the trophy, participate in interactive displays, and enjoy other entertainment.


The World is Ours song by David Correy and Aloe Blacc (Billboard.com)

The World is Ours song by David Correy and Aloe Blacc (Billboard.com)

The song by Blacc and Correy, was released on April 15 and performed at the tour’s last stop in Los Angeles. Blacc expressed his excitement and gratefulness for having had an opportunity to be a part of the Cup saying, “working on this anthem has given me the opportunity to fuse the sounds of Brazil with different musical influences. ‘The World is Ours’ captures everything that music should be – inclusive, exciting and uplifting.”


By capturing voices from around the world, Blacc and Correy made a song that fits with the ideals of the World Cup.


The Trophy Tour and the song are all part of the Coca-Cola campaign for the 2014 World Cup. The tour promoted the Cup, along with an opportunity for people around the world to become excited and feel as if they are part of a global celebration. As the competition for the Cup nears, expect to hear Blacc and Correy’s song on the radio and television, and get excited to cheer with friends and family for your favorite team!


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