Tribeca shortlist: A new take on streaming movies

Tribeca shortlist: A new take on streaming movies

Tribeca Enterprises has partnered with Lionsgate to create a premium movie subscription service which claims to only feature movies worth watching. The streaming service will officially open in October.


The films featured on the site are selected by actors, directors, Tribeca and Lionsgate executives, and other well-known popular culture celebrities. Each of the featured selectors puts together a short list of films that adhere to a specific theme. The lists on the site are refreshed weekly to feature a new group of experts and new lists of films. When the site officially opens, the service will cost $5.99 per month. Tribeca Shortlist currently has approximately 150 films available to a small amount of test phase users.


The subscription service currently offers lists from Matthew Modine (“Full Metal Jacket,” “The Dark Knight Rises), John Leguizamo (“Romeo+Juliet,” “Chef”), and Morgan Spurlock (“Supersize Me,” “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”), among others. Subscribers can search through the film library by selecting a specific list or by viewing all the movies by genre.


Tribeca Shortlist is a new take on the movie subscription service and provides very high end content. Users will not be forced to sift through B-list movies or commercially and critically recognized flops. The library is full of classic cinema, cult favorites, and award winning independent films. The short lists are put together by well-respected professionals within the industry, and each list is accompanied by a short video in which the creator discusses his theme and his selected films.


The service does a good job of putting together a diverse library of films to choose from, though the selection is still narrow. Unlike competitors such as Netflix or HBO Go, Tribeca Shortlist does not overwhelm users with content. It truly emphasizes quality over quantity. The service is primarily meant for those who have an idea of what they are looking for before they begin browsing the library.


Is quality truly better than quality? Would you sign up for Tribeca Shortlist? Feel free to leave a comment or find me on Twitter @Andrew_Morse4

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