‘Arrow’ season 4: Poised to take a new direction

‘Arrow’ season 4: Poised to take a new direction

The third season of “Arrow” marked a major decline for the series in terms of quality; many of the new elements introduced simply did not work, while old ones became decidedly stale. Despite this disappointment, the upcoming fourth season of “Arrow” seems poised to take the superhero in a considerably new direction.


Social media savant and general charisma factory Stephen Amell introduced the “Arrow” panel this year in suitably interesting fashion.



Here are just a few of the reasons to get excited about the future of the Emerald Archer.


1. Going Green

Oliver Queen has already undergone a considerable number of name changes over the first three seasons of “Arrow.” From “The Hood,” to “The Arrow,” and briefly “Al-Sahim” towards the end of the third season. Although a man of many names, he never took up his comic book moniker of “Green Arrow” — he even brushed the name off as “lame” when suggested by Malcolm Merlyn.


During the Comic-Con panel, Amell revealed that this season Oliver Queen would finally come into his own and take the name “Green Arrow.” Not only that, but Starling City will finally become its comic book counterpart “Star City.” The success of “The Flash” — a show with strong fidelity to its comic book roots — could partially play into this change as it showed that mainstream audiences will accept any material as long as it is skillfully produced.


2. Tonal Shift

“Arrow” will always have a certain darkness to it; a show about a violent vigilante simply cannot have the same level of quirkiness of a show such as “The Flash.” However, between the deaths of certain key characters, and constant betrayals, season three often skewed a little too dark.


The producers of “Arrow” confirmed that season four will see a much lighter tone this time around, with a happier Oliver willing to joke more. Once again, this keeps much closer with Oliver’s comic book origins, as he really is more Tony Stark than Bruce Wayne in his books.


Comic drawing of the Green Arrow in the new 52 style

Stephen Amell’s Arrow will get a wardrobe update for season four. (dc.wikia.com)

3. Wardrobe Change

The first — and most obvious — thing fans noticed when Amell stepped out onto that stage in San Diego was the change in costume. Adorned in a more militaristic, albeit sleeveless, hooded costume, Oliver’s new vigilante garb looks a bit more tactical than what we have seen him wear in the past, and much closer to his outfit in DC’s “New 52” line of comics.


It lends the sense that Oliver still wears a green hood to honor the sacrifice of Yao Fei in season one, but no longer feels the need to wear his former mentor’s hood as some sort of scarlet — or green — letter. Along with Oliver, the panel confirmed that several characters would get costume updates, and Diggle would join the club and start wearing an outfit of his own.


4. New Faces

“Arrow” already boasts a fairly robust ensemble of characters, one that seems only set to grow with this coming season. Damien Darhk — the leader of H.I.V.E hinted at in season three — is set to appear, portrayed by actor Neal McDonough. Along with Darhk, DC villain Anarky and hero Mr. Terrific have also been slated to appear.


With Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) not dead, and with Sara Lance set to return in “Legends of Tomorrow,” we can be sure that some familiar faces will likely return to town a few times as well throughout this season.


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