Why We Love Seth Rogen

Why We Love Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has become the funny, man-child stoner we have all come to love. Besides having the most endearing laugh, and irresistible teddy bear charm, Rogen is a genuinely awesome person. From “Pineapple Express” to his charity work, here are four reasons why we love Rogen:


1. His projects are original.

Whenever a new Rogen film comes out you know you are in for some solid laughs. “Knocked Up,” “This Is The End,” and “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” are some of the many films that Rogen graces us with his humor. The projects he chooses are original, from desperate and broke friends who decide to make a pornographic film and end up finding love (“Zack and Miri Make A Porno”), to a film about a pregnancy after a one night stand (“Knocked Up”). Rogen takes these ideas that are ridiculous and makes them into smart and entertaining comedies.


2. He is laid-back.

Whenever you watch an interview with Rogen, you cannot help but think, “I would love to hang out with this guy.” Rogen is a genuine, down-to-earth person, who loves to make others laugh, and is able to laugh at himself. He knows he is a stoner, man-child whose jokes largely revolve around bodily functions, but he embraces it in such a way that us feel his humor and personality is accessible.


3. His charity work.

Recently a video of Rogen testifying in front of the United States Congress became popular. He was testifying in front of Congress to spread awareness of the sad truth about Alzheimer’s and why there needs to be more money and research put towards it. He began a charity called Hilarity for Charity, where universities can host comedy events in order to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.


4. He’s drama free (mostly).

Besides his comments about Justin Bieber (which we kind of love him for as well), you never see Rogen caught up in the drama of Hollywood. He knows what is important, which is fighting for your family and making people laugh. He forgoes the formalities and pointless frenzies in the celebrity world, and instead, just has fun with it.


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Carolyn Ambrosich

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