Young entrepreneur makes it a little bit cooler to wear a hijab, literally

Young entrepreneur makes it a little bit cooler to wear a hijab, literally

Summer heat can be tough to handle for just about anybody, but for Muslim girls who wear hijabs, high temperatures tend to be especially agonizing. That is, until now.


Ahmad Ghanem, 22-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the Kickstarter-funded company, Veil, is giving hijabs a serious makeover in an effort to make the conservative Muslim garment more comfortable for women.


Ghanem got the idea to create a hijab that could adapt to different climates and perform well in different types of weather. He drew his inspiration from the technology behind textiles used in garments such as activewear and fire fighter’s uniforms.


This vision led to his creation of the Cool Dry hijab, which is made from 100 percent nylon and uses cooling technology to block up to 80 percent of sun rays. With less heat being absorbed into the fabric of the hijab, the wearer may remain up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than they would in hijabs made of traditional fabrics.


In addition to cooling technology, the fabric of Ghanem’s climate-adjusting hijab allows for less wrinkling, takes sweat away from the skin instead of absorbing it, helps manage oils and stains, and is completely waterproof.


A woman's face is covered by the traditional Muslim hijab

Through Kickstarter, a young entrepreneur hopes to help Muslim women with the discomfort of summer under the hijab. (

With any new business endeavor, there is such a profound importance in learning from what already exists and recognizing opportunities to bring something new to the table. These factors, in addition to a strong understanding of target audience, are crucial to giving a new brand credibility and exposure.


Ghanem’s creations of Veil and the Cool Dry hijab manage to accomplish all of this by building on existing technologies and concepts to create an entirely new product for a specific market that Ghanem appears to understand well.


Moreover, Ghanem has demonstrated a clear respect for, and commitment to, the women for whom he is creating this product, all of which also plays into the creation of a positive image for Veil. In his Kickstarter video, he not only commends women for the pride with which they wear the hijab regardless of climate, but also claims responsibility for making it a bit more comfortable for them.


With five days to go, Ghanem and his company have managed to raise about six times the initial goal of $5,000 on Kickstarter, with a total of almost 700 backers for the project.


The Cool Dry hijab is available in black, silver lake blue, and white, and can be pre-ordered now through June 20 on Kickstarter.


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