For the Love of Your Body: Cancer Research Calendar Transforms Women’s Body Insecurities into Art

For the Love of Your Body: Cancer Research Calendar Transforms Women’s Body Insecurities into Art

A woman’s relationship with her body is always a bit of a mishmash of mixed emotions, but too often do the negative emotions and opinions tend to outweigh the positive. All it takes is one look at the long list of terms women use to describe their “problem areas” — terms like muffin top, thunder thighs, batwings, and cankles — to see just how much attention is given to the negative aspects of the body over the positive.


Artist Leslie Arnold turned women's body hang-ups into works of art. Here, a woman's stomach is transformed into a night sky (

Artist Leslie Arnold turned women’s body hang-ups into works of art. Here, a woman’s stomach is transformed into a night sky (

A group of women in the UK, however, have launched a campaign in which they have decided to show their least favorite body parts some much needed love, and all for a good cause.


The campaign, organized by 47-year-old Rebecca Askew of Northamptonshire, had 12 women turn the body parts they were the most insecure about into art. These body part masterpieces would then be featured in a “Love Your Body” calender to support cancer research. For each month in the calendar, one woman and her beautified body hang-up will be on display.


A cancer survivor herself, Askew says that she was inspired to start this campaign as a result of her own battle with body image insecurities. She stated:


“One afternoon, I caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror and hated what I saw, and I sat there feeling very sorry for myself. Just 30 minutes later, I received a call to let me know one on my friends had died of cancer. She was the fourth in three years. I was so cross with myself for feeling such self-pity when I had a working body as I knew any of my dearly departed friends would rather have my working body in a second.”


A woman's toes become a group of birds sitting in a nest (

A woman’s toes become a group of birds sitting in a nest (

The Love Your Body Calendar was born out of this realization that every woman should celebrate her body, even those aspects which she considers flaws. At the end of the day, just to be alive is something worth celebrating, and women should never let excessive concern about physical imperfections taint the quality of their lives and let them lose sight of all there is to be grateful for.


This is a campaign which managed to transform the way that the women who participated viewed their bodies and themselves. Furthermore, by bravely sharing the parts of themselves which they are the most insecure about with the world through this calendar, these women have gained the power to encourage others to reassess how they think of their bodies, and themselves, as well. The calendar is a reminder that each and every aspect of a person can be a source of beauty, a fact that holds true with or without an artistic paint job.


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