Female Entrepreneur Spotlight: Sam DeBianchi

Female Entrepreneur Spotlight: Sam DeBianchi

In terms of girl crushes, “Bravo” doesn’t typically produce many for this MUIPR writer, but this season the network mixed things up, in a good way. Whether it’s across the pond or on the sunny shores of South Beach, the network has seemed to consciously usher in more female personalities that young viewers can admire and hope to emulate. Crazy, right? You’d think the only women they look to book have already flipped a table or two.


It’s not just that these characters have powerful personalities; they are the types of women who double as bonafide entrepreneurs, answering wholly to themselves. This is a powerful message for the station to air, especially when ratings are a constant source of worry. For Bravo’s newest series, “Million Dollar Listing: Miami,” Sam DeBianchi represents the network’s first female realtor and cast member for the popular “Million Dollar Listing” franchise. Not only does she break records on the merits of casting, DeBianchi actually owns her own real estate company. After watching the first season, it’s clear that her business acumen has gotten her to where she is, and her personality just adds that extra entertaining kick. Further, it’s these types of characters that make it easier for society to accept women as successful business owners in their respective communities. Thanks, Sam.


DeBianchi certainly started out early on her entrepreneurial road to success. It’s clear that she is financially independent because of risks she took at a very early age. The founder of DeBianchi Real Estate, one of the top Florida real estate firms, she represents countless athletes, entrepreneurs, and investors. Noted on the Bravo series as having an “over-the-top, out-of-the-box thinking,” this writer would like to think that’s just becoming code for the modern, womanly touch. The powerhouse raised the stakes when she raised over $25 million in sales in just three years. Impressive stats for a business owner who hadn’t even celebrated her 30th birthday.


How did she accomplish so much in such a short amount of time? Well, it doesn’t seem like DeBianchi ever allowed herself to get bored when it came to the prospects of her budding career. Graduating from Florida Atlantic University at only 20, the realtor earned her MBA from Nova Southeastern by the age of 22. A Ft. Lauderdale native, she took advantage of the South Florida luxury lifestyle, solidifying herself as a force in the hospitality Miami nightlife scene. In addition, she proved that entrepreneurs produce even more success for themselves when they create resources for others. At only 25, she created a college course for Florida International University in their school of hospitality.


Creating resources for others allowed DeBianchi to expand opportunities for her own self, and it’s this type of cycle that television should be promoting for its viewers. Thanks to role models like she, young women are more likely able to envision success in their near futures, too. That’s something that successful ratings can never match.


What do you think of Sam’s success on “Million Dollar Listing”? Do you think “Bravo” should start casting more female entrepreneurs on the series? Can this make it even more acceptable for women to be successful in their own communities? I’d love to hear what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro 

Kelsey Browne

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