When it wasn’t the right fit: How to transfer universities the smart way

When it wasn’t the right fit: How to transfer universities the smart way

So you don’t like your school? You’re ready to see what else may be out there for you. Here are some things to think about when you are transferring schools.


Why are you leaving?

Make sure you know the reasons as to why you are leaving. Once you figure this out, you will know what factors you don’t like in a school, and you will be better equipped to finding the school that is truly right for you.


(Flickr/Laleh Naughty)

(Flickr/Laleh Naughty)

Keep your major in mind.

Now that you have some college courses under your belt, you should have a better idea as to what you want to pursue as your major or minor than you might have had just after high school. Look for schools with large or high-rated programs in the subject you are interested in.



The worst feeling is having spent all that time and money looking into different schools, applying, and moving in just to find out that your credits don’t transfer. Though it doesn’t happen often, it is common when you are focused in on a very specific major. Do some research and make sure all of your credits transfer, especially the ones for your major and minor.


Go dorm hopping.

Since your friends are all in university as well, try calling up a bunch of them at different schools and staying a night or two at each. This way, you’ll have a more up close and personal visit with the school than if you were to just come up and get a day tour, and you will have your friends to share their likes and dislikes about it.



Scholarships are still available even after you are in college, and there are even some scholarships specifically for transfer students. Do some research, and apply for a bunch of them. There is no harm in sending out a couple extra applications, and you may even win!


Revisit old resources.

How did you choose your original college back when you were in high school? Did you go to college fairs? Do research? Read about them in college manuals? Don’t be afraid to go back and try out some of the resources you had used during the first college search process.


It can feel daunting to have to start the process of college searching all over again, but with these simple steps you can easily get back into the swing of things. And, hey, since you’ve done this all before, you’re one step ahead of the game!


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