What drought?: Nestle refuses to follow Starbucks’ lead

What drought?: Nestle refuses to follow Starbucks’ lead

California is currently facing one of the worst droughts the state has ever seen, but it’s the bottled water industry that’s feeling the heat.   


Starbucks announced that production of Ethos water was being moved out of California temporarily to save water in the state. All eyes are now on Nestle to make a similar move.


Nestle Waters CEO, Tim Brown, disagrees with the idea that moving bottling operations out of the state is the right thing to do. In April, Brown wrote in The Sun that the 705 million gallons of water that Nestle uses in California each year is actually a small amount. He also believes that that in order to fix the problem, everyone needs to help. Nestle still plans on being part of the solution, despite their unwillingness to relocate.


Inside look at a bottle production company located in Modesto, CA

Starbucks relocated bottle production companies to alleviate the drought but Nestle refuses to exert the same efforts. (c2.staticflickr.com)

Instead of moving operations out of California, Nestle is putting $7 million into technology that will recycle water in its Modesto milk factory. By recycling this water, Brown estimated that 63 million gallons of water will be saved annually.


Despite the recycling measures Nestle has taken, hundreds of protesters appeared at two Nestle plants on Wednesday following Brown’s announcement. The protesters gained 500,000 signatures to try to halt Nestle’s water bottling production in California. Nestle has yet to announce if operations will move temporarily or continue to stay put in response to the protests.


Whether or not Nestle decides to move, it’s important to keep an open dialogue about the ways everyone can participate in conserving water.


Should Nestle halt bottling operations in California during the drought? How can the average citizen help conserve water? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.

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