Weekend Getaways May Be the Cure to Work Related Stress

Weekend Getaways May Be the Cure to Work Related Stress

Summer is coming to an end, and that sadly means the end of carefree summer schedules. As the warm weather wraps up for the year, school, work, and social responsibilities start racking up – not to mention finding to time to work out. With so much stress in the not-so-distant future, it is best to start organizing your life before you find yourself caught up under a pile of responsibilities. Along with organization, it is also a good idea to plan some time to rest.


In the heat of the moment, things can be overwhelming. You might find yourself barely able to meet deadlines, not getting enough sleep at night to function, and consequently overdosing on caffeine. Amidst all of the go-go-go the thought of taking a “rest” is laughable at best. But honestly taking time to rest will help you be more productive, meet deadlines faster, and quite frankly keep you motivated to continue giving 110 percent.


According to MIT’s website, the human mind needs breaks to function. “Our minds need an occasional rest in order to stay alert and productive, and you can look forward to a reward as you study.” They recommend setting blocks of time to study and scheduling blocks of time to rest. This will help ensure that you are taking the proper amount of rest while also getting in the work time that you need. For optimal productivity, they recommend one-hour chunks of time, with ten minute study breaks.


In addition to study breaks, here at MUIPR we strongly believe in monthly and bi-monthly breaks. Sticking to the 5:1 ratio that MIT recommends, we recommend taking a day or two off every month or so. What better way to rest and revive than a weekend getaway? Weekend getaways don’t have to be expensive, and the results are well worth it. Not only do you get to rest your mind, but a change of scenery is great for many reasons.


Beach camping (www.tylerheffernan.blogspot.com)

Beach camping (tylerheffernan.blogspot.com)

First, it will give you something to look forward to. Having an end goal will help you stay motivated because you know that if you work hard now you will get to relax more in a few weeks. Work hard, play hard, right?


Next, getting out of town and away from your daily routine will help you refresh mentally. Often times, our days and weeks begin to blend together, and as a result, we find ourselves thoughtlessly going through the motions. Coming back from a relaxing weekend will help you reevaluate your life. What are you doing that is good? Where could you improve? What are your goals and how is what you are doing now working towards those goals?


Finally, a small vacation is fun. Everyone needs a little fun now and then. No matter if you are a student an adult or a child, what is the point to living if you aren’t enjoying your life? Take a moment to step away from the daily grind to enjoy the small things.


The key to weekend getaways is planning ahead. Try to go somewhere that is not too far from your home. For a quick trip, too much travel time will end up taking up too much time, so try to go somewhere nearby. In addition, try to keep costs low. If you spend too much, you will eventually dread the trips or not be able to go as often as you may like. A full blown vacation every two months is a lot of money to spend, but staying one night in a hotel shared with three friends will usually end up being fairly cheap.


Finally, plan your meals. Consider eating out only one or two times, and bringing sandwich fixings or salads to eat at local parks. The idea is to relax and refresh, not to clear out your savings account.


Of course, not everyone can go away for two entire days, but even one day, or even an afternoon of planned fun will give you similar benefits.


Try a quick weekend trip, and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @LydiaYekalam. We hope you will love them as much as we do.

Lydia Yekalam

Lydia Yekalam is a Freelance Writer for MUIPR. She was born and raised in Seattle, and is currently a communications major at the University of Washington. Lydia loves traveling and hopes to one day live in Europe. Her hobbies include taking Instagram-worthy photos, creating DIY interior design projects, and pursuing all things fitness related. Follow Lydia on Twitter @LydiaYekalam

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