Travel spotlight: Prague, Czech Republic offers affordable European experience

Travel spotlight: Prague, Czech Republic offers affordable European experience

For effective PR, one must understand the “P” and the “R” — that is, both the public and relations. To learn how to establish interpersonal relations and how to engage the public, travel can be a useful tool.


Each culture and destination offers different customs and human oddities. If you travel enough, you’ll have a fuller understanding of human nature.


Check out the list below for some reasons that you should visit the fifth most visited city in Europe: Prague in the Czech Republic.

1. A nice perk that comes along with traveling to the Czech Republic is the conversion rate. If you’re converting currency into the Czech Krona — from Dollars or Euros, for instance — you’ll be in for a nice surprise. Plus, the general affordability of Prague will further spare your wallet, unlike many other European cities.


2. During the last weeks of 1989, peaceful activists in Prague managed to escape communist rule in the Velvet Revolution. The Lennon Wall remains as a physical reminder of communist rule. Today, the wall is seen as a symbol of free speech and peace. The wall is covered in graffiti inspired by John Lennon and lyrics from the Beatles.

3. Prague is home to the largest ancient castle in the world, Prague Castle. The castle’s construction began in the ninth century, and was reconstructed up until the eighteenth century. Today, the castle expands across 70,000 square meters of land. If you’re up for a treasure hunt, you can search for the Bohemian Crown Jewels, which are heavily secured beneath St. Vitus Cathedral. The real jewels were only displayed on nine occasions in the twentieth century.

4. Prague has become a great destination for foodies. The cuisine has been influenced by the food cultures of nearby countries, like Poland and Germany. You’re likely to find a lot of meat and gravy in your Czech cuisine adventure. And there will be no shortage of drinks to wash it all down. Great lagers, craft beers, and wine from Moravia are all readily available.

5. If you like music, you’ll find that Prague has a lot to offer. Performers can be found tucked around the city’s many corners and throughout its bars. You can often snag a CD for only 50 Krona (roughly $2.06). Additionally, the city hosts a few great music festivals throughout the year. At the Prague Spring, for instance, you can listen to a number of world-class artists and orchestras.




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