Travel Spotlight: Barcelona, Spain

Travel Spotlight: Barcelona, Spain

Before the 1992 Summer Olympic Games held in Barcelona, Catalonia, billions of dollars were poured into the city for infrastructure development.  This made the city one of the most visited cities in Europe. Deserted towns became beachside gems, the Prat airport expanded and got a facelift, and road development tamed traffic density.


Visit Barcelona to see the transformed city and its rich history and culture. Check out the list below for 5 reasons why Barcelona should be your next travel destination.


1. Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is a maze of winding, old narrow Roman streets that are packed with culture and history. The Gothic Quarter is home to the Picasso Museum, Barcelona’s Cathedral, and a handful of artsy restaurants and shops.


2. Take out your map and mark down Antoni Guadí’s architectural sites then stroll around until you see them all. Be sure to check out the Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and La Pedrera. Guadí’s work was a Catalan genius and his nature-inspired works will surely be worth the visit.


Areial shot of the Roman Catholic Church Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

This Roman Catholic Church hosts many visitors per year. (

3. After relaxing on the beach, experience Barcelona’s culinary scene. Don’t be shy to ask locals to suggest some good places to find tapas or pintxos.  Then be sure to wash them down with some vermouth, which the city is known for. You’ll see how well the city’s creative energy transfers into its cuisine.


4. The best way to start off your time in Barcelona is with a tour whether it is a historical walking tour, a photography tour, or a biking tour. Do a little research to find the best quality tours, but don’t worry because there is an abundance. Any local could bring you around the city, explain its history and share some cool places to check out later on your trip.


5. After days on the beach, roaming the streets, and devouring tapas, be sure to check out the nightlife scene. Barcelona’s nightlife is teeming with energy and creativity. There’s no shortage of dance clubs, bars, gay clubs, or parties. Just remember to drink responsibly!


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Ryan Lawless

Ryan Lawless is an undergraduate student at Fordham University. He studies English and Spanish as majors, and philosophy as a minor. He won the Margaret Lamb Writing to the Right-Hand Margin award for creative fictional writing, and has been published in Fordham's literary magazine The Ampersand, and its newspaper, The Observer. Ryan grew up in New York, but is also an Irish citizen. He enjoys fiddles, coffee, and music.

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