The 5 most influential languages you should learn now

The 5 most influential languages you should learn now

Learning a new language has undeniable benefits, from making you more employable to making it easier to communicate with people while traveling abroad.


In a field like PR, the knowledge of different languages and cultures can be an irreplaceable tool, granting the ability to establish communication with entire groups of untapped communities.


Knowledge of a foreign tongue will also change the way you think about the world and even about language, itself. But where do you start? Which language will be worth the effort of learning?


Some languages make you more employable more importance than others, and some are spoken much more commonly than others. Unsurprisingly, some languages are more influential than others.


It’s no easy task to determine which languages are the most influential. In his famous 1997 article, “The World’s 10 Most Influential Languages,” George Weber offers the conclusions of his linguistics study. Check out the top five most influential languages, according to Weber, below:


Learning another language will have great benefits for both your professional and personal lives. (

Learning another language will have great benefits for both your professional and personal lives. (

1. English can be considered the world’s second tongue of sorts. Across cultures, if someone speaks a second language, it’s likely to be English. As a result, English can be a useful tool to bridge gaps and have a common ground upon which to communicate.


2. Spanish has over 350 million speakers worldwide. In countries like the United States, where there exists a large concentration of Spanish speakers, learning the language will increase your employability.


3. French is the second most learned foreign language and an official language of the United Nations. Learning French would not only be a practical experience, but an impactful, emotional experience; French is a language deeply entrenched in world culture, education, and romance.


4. Russian speakers are high in demand nowadays, especially in the United States. As Russia returns to world power and their economy remains strong, it’s more important than ever to have Russian speakers to tap into the powerhouse of political power and cultural importance.


5. Arabic-speaking countries are becoming more and more important in the global economic and political spheres. While there’s a high demand among Westerners for Arabic-speakers, the supply is low. Take advantage of this discrepancy, and learn Arabic to give yourself an edge on the work market.


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Ryan Lawless

Ryan Lawless is an undergraduate student at Fordham University. He studies English and Spanish as majors, and philosophy as a minor. He won the Margaret Lamb Writing to the Right-Hand Margin award for creative fictional writing, and has been published in Fordham's literary magazine The Ampersand, and its newspaper, The Observer. Ryan grew up in New York, but is also an Irish citizen. He enjoys fiddles, coffee, and music.

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