Jennifer Hudson: “Dreamgirls,” “American Idol” star is ultimate wedding crasher

Jennifer Hudson: “Dreamgirls,” “American Idol” star is ultimate wedding crasher

The recent Supreme Court ruling making gay marriage officially legal has sent many same-sex couples off to the chapels in their white attire.


Chris and Scott, partners for 14 years and fathers to four children, were among the many to engage in the sacrament of holy matrimony. As if a wedding ceremony isn’t magical enough, the two were surprised with a gift that simply cannot be found on any registry.


After the formal exchange of their vows on July 8, the two watched a congratulatory song from none other than Jennifer Hudson. She had personally created the video for their special day and decided to also deliver her congratulatory remarks first hand.



Hudson can be seen coming from behind a curtain, surprising Chris and Scott with a new track, “I Still Love You.” The original music video, released just about a month ago, tells the story of a gay couple in preparation for the big day. Turning a fictional video into a real life dream come true, Hudson stood with Chris and Scott and showed her support for the LGBT community.


While other stars, such as Sam Smith, have used gay couples as the main characters of their music videos, great gestures such as these prove that society is progressing towards a world of true equality. The controversy as to who should be wed in a church may not be completely over, but the United States’ recent passing and the wide acceptance of partnerships in every form pushes more people towards the idea that true love really conquers all.


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