How to travel in America for cheap this summer

How to travel in America for cheap this summer

America may not have the budget flights of Europe, the convenient train systems that can get you anywhere, or an abundance of cheap budget-friendly hostels. Still, there are ways to travel in the country that will be easy on your wallet.


The east and west coast both have train networks that make getting around easy and quick, but they can also be expensive. For cheaper alternatives, look into budget bus companies, like Megabus. With Megabus, you can find tickets for as low as $1 that can get you where you need to go.


A metal-sided RV set up next to a wooden deck.

Besides offering a number of diverse and unique sleeping accommodations, Airbnb will often save you money in comparison with hotels and give you a more authentic, local experience. (

For traveling inland, though, the best way to see the American expanse is from behind a steering wheel. If you look into budget rental cars, you can go wherever you want at your own pace.


Be sure to look into a national parks pass, if you’re planning on exploring the country’s diverse sprawl of national parks and nature preserves. Passes are cheap and offer admission into over 2,000 federal recreation sites.


When you arrive at a new destination and want a place to sleep, you’ll find there aren’t many hostels outside of the cities. Instead, there are plenty of cheap hotels and motels that can offer rooms for about $35 per night.


Alternatively, you may want to check out couchsurfing and Airbnb for unique accommodations that are free or cheap. Also, these websites will give you the opportunity to meet and interact with real locals of wherever you’re visiting.


Lastly, you can save money on food by buying your own groceries. Throughout the country – though it may be trickier in big cities – there are plenty of cheap grocery options. Keep your eyes peeled for cheap dining in restaurants, as there are plenty of great deals to be found.


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