Exponential progress in global marriage equality over the last year

Exponential progress in global marriage equality over the last year

There was once a time when the LGBT community had little to no rights when it came to same-sex marriage; now, it is becoming more accepted in the eyes of the law.


At the start of 2013, there were more states with bans on same-sex marriage than states without. Two years later, 37 states have legalized gay marriage, while 13 still hold a ban. There has been a huge wave of support towards marriage equality in the past year alone.


Since May 2014, 20 states in the United States have all legalized same-sex marriage by court decision. Last June, Illinois passed same-sex marriage by state legislature. In only one year, close to half of the states in the United States changed their laws to support marriage equality.


A crowd of people lobbying for gay rights and supporting equality for same-sex marriages.

Ireland recently legalized gay-marriage throughout the entire country, making historical strides in the fight for equality. (theguardian.com)

The United States isn’t the only country that is changing its view on same-sex marriage. In May, Ireland became the first country to pass same-sex marriage by a referendum, making history for marriage equality.


Last summer, Luxembourg passed a freedom to marry bill with a 56 to 4 vote, showing that the bill was heavily supported. Finland approved a same-sex marriage amendment in November 2014, which passed with a not-so-close vote of 105 to 92. Although the support wasn’t as one sided as Luxembourg, it still passed in the end.


There is still a long way to go before same-sex marriage is legal throughout the world, but if the changes made this past year are any indication, there is potential to change views for the better.


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