Black Lives Matter movement strengthens in wake of police shooting

Black Lives Matter movement strengthens in wake of police shooting

After the Ferguson protests over the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown by police, it seemed like officers were going to be more careful about firing their weapons.


In the wake of yet another shooting of not one but two unarmed black men, it seems as though changes have yet to be seen.


Last Thursday, step-brothers Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson were shot by an officer of the Olympia Police Department after they attempted to steal beer from a grocery store. The officer claimed that the men were assaulting him with a skateboard, which is why he fired his weapon. The brothers survived, and detectives are currently investigating the shooting.


However, this shooting sparked a protest in Washington’s state capital immediately after the incident. One hundred protesters gathered, spreading the words “Black Lives Matter,” much like the protests surrounding the Michael Brown and Eric Garner incidents.


The protests have stayed peaceful while spreading their message, and the Olympia Police Department showed their gratitude on Twitter in response.


Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts

Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts reported to the public that it was inconclusive whether or not race was a factor in the shooting. (

The protesters believe that race was a factor in this shooting, but the police department disagrees. Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts stated: “there’s no indication to me that race was a factor in this case at all.”


Once the investigation is complete, people will hopefully have answers as to whether or not the shooting was in self-defense, but for now open dialogue created involving the brutality of police tactics continues.


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