Ben and Jerry’s new flavor to highlight brand’s environmental responsibility

Ben and Jerry’s new flavor to highlight brand’s environmental responsibility

It’s always good news when Ben and Jerry’s comes out with a new flavor of ice cream, but the newest addition to the brand’s already impressive flavor collection comes with some extra cause for celebration.


This is because the new Ben and Jerry’s “Save Our Swirled” flavor was created with a unique goal in mind: taking on climate change, one spoonful at a time. A delightful blend of raspberry ice cream, marshmallow swirls, raspberry swirls, and dark and white fudge ice cream cones, “Save Our Swirled” is an ice cream that the company hopes can raise awareness regarding climate change.


The flavor’s visual representation tells the story of climate change with the intention of creating a sense of urgency in consumers. The dark and white fudge ice cream cones are the central component of the ice cream, thanks to their ability to visually represent, within the ice cream, the effects of climate change on the environment.


Image of people walking down a city promoting Ben & Jerry's.

Ben & Jerry’s new flavor, “Save Our Swirled,” promotes awareness regarding climate change visually through its design. (

“Dig out a chunky spoonful and you can’t help but notice the unique dark and white fudge ice cream cones that appear to be melting,” wrote the company on its website. “Our stance on climate change and our ice cream is one in the same: If it’s melted, it’s ruined! ‘Save Our Swirled’ is more than just our newest ‘swirled-class’ flavor: it’s a climate change message you can’t ignore.”


Ben and Jerry’s efforts symbolically and seamlessly reflect well on the brand at large by demonstrating a clear alignment with positive values of sustainability and environmentalism. The company has also taken serious action by urging consumers around the world to sign a petition demanding actions from national leaders in regards to climate change.


This petition makes it clear that its commitment to climate change awareness is more than a gimmick and earns some bonus PR points. It demonstrates that environmental and global responsibility are about more than just telling consumers a great story or contributing to the conversation; it’s about looking to use brand influence and creativity to generate genuine change.


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