Our Latest Instagram Obsession is a Little Goofy

Our Latest Instagram Obsession is a Little Goofy

Our love for Instagram is loud and clear, and there is nothing more exciting than a quality new profile to follow.


Our latest find is Laura Jenkinson’s Instagram page. Jenkinson is a makeup artist and beauty blogger based in London. Her pictures are unlike anything we have ever seen. The makeup artist creates images around one specific facial feature, drawing an entire picture around the mouth of her subject – which is often herself.




In her lip art, Jenkinson, usually draws cartoon faces focused primarily around the lips of a person’s face. The cartoon images are drawn between the nose and the chin. Because she is drawing an entire face shrunken down to fit in a small portion of a human face, the mouth becomes oversized and cartoonish. This affect not only helps her achieve the whimsical drawing vibe, but also allows her to make her images have movement when the person talks. Most popular are her Disney themed creations, which include Goofy, Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, and more.


With all these fun, childish themes one might mistakenly think that Jenkinson is just a casual face paint artist. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Her work is clean, professional and talented. In addition to her cartoon art, Jenkinson also has images of professional face makeup looks as well as a few theatrical pieces. Her theatrical makeup usually involves blood and cuts, and is so realistic it had us cringing before we realized it was fake.




If you are curious about how she does her intricate cartoon art, visit Jenkinson’s blog. On it, she has posted a few step-by-step tutorials to help fans try out lip art for themselves. In addition, her site has great makeup tips and reviews for any one who loves makeup or needs help choosing products to buy. She also does makeup and hair for weddings, many of which are posted on her blog. Needless to say, this girl does it all.


We are oh so happy to have found a new favorite Instagram profile and can’t wait to keep up with Jenkinson, both on Instagram and on her blog.


What are your favorite lip art looks from Laura Jenkinson’s Instagram? Comment below or tweet me @LydiaYekalam

Lydia Yekalam

Lydia Yekalam is a Freelance Writer for MUIPR. She was born and raised in Seattle, and is currently a communications major at the University of Washington. Lydia loves traveling and hopes to one day live in Europe. Her hobbies include taking Instagram-worthy photos, creating DIY interior design projects, and pursuing all things fitness related. Follow Lydia on Twitter @LydiaYekalam

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