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Why MUI?

MUI Daily News is a social conscious, general interest news publication featuring the most talked about events in fashion, entertainment, science, technology, and culture – all with a public relations twist. MUI Daily News offers a fresh perspective for millennials in a redundant, aggregated world.

What You Need

MUI Daily News seeks experienced and passionate writers to develop entertaining, sharp and original 400-700 word articles that will cover topics in any one or more of our industry segments. If you are enthusiastic about adding your voice to a growing online community for millennials, and a voracious consumer of news stories, MUI may be your home for building a structured, dynamic, and entertaining portfolio.

Find Your Niche

Advice – Are you the one your friends and colleagues go to for personal and business advice? This segment includes Dating & Relationships, Life Advice, Career Advice, and Work-at-Home Tips & Tricks.

Business – Are you up to date on the economy? Do you enjoy watching stock market trends? You can educate the masses with Business Management Advice, Money & Investing, and Small Business and Corporate Business News.

Culture – Is your Pinterest overflowing? Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Share that passion with seekers of knowledge in Art & Design, Books & Literature, Food & Wine, Travel, Weddings, Women’s Issues, and news relating to culture.

Entertainment – This segment is all about indulging in the hottest gossip and trends in the entertainment industry, with a substantial focus on Celebrity news, Film & Television, and Music.

Events – Not just relevant to entertainment events, this segment is open for coverage in all types of events: Politics, Business, Culture, Fashion & Style, Entertainment, Public Relations, Health & Fitness, and Science & Technology.

Fashion & Style – Do you know all of the trendiest YouTube beauty gurus? Are you hot for fashion? For the beauty conscious crowd, this segment touches on all facets of the industry, including Beauty & Hair, Celebrities, Fashion, and News.

Health & Fitness – This segment covers topics such as tips and tricks, natural remedies, fitness giants, and recipes for staying healthy. Staying on top of the health and fitness industry is crucial for this segment, in all areas: Fitness, Medicine, Health, Living Healthy, and News.

Public Relations – For the savvy communicator, this segment of MUI Daily News is a must-read for PR professionals and any other type of communicator, with coverage in Crisis Communications, Media Relations, Social Media, Branding, and Industry News.

Science & Technology – Are you the person who stands in line for the latest tech gadget release? Do you wait with baited breath for the next cutting edge device and app? This segment touches on Gaming, Science, STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics), Technology, Science Life Hacks, Mobile, and Industry News.

Sports – Are you always tuned into ESPN? Are you an avid fantasy sports player? We offer coverage on all of the biggest sports events, with focuses on Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, UFC, Tennis, Golf, and Sports News.

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