Egyptian Photographer Louay Nasser is an International Sensation

Egyptian Photographer Louay Nasser is an International Sensation

Louay Nasser is an Egyptian photographer who is making a wave around the world with his photography. His work ranges from food to fashion to beauty, each photo more elegant than the next. Regardless of the subject, Nasser manages to add an element of luxe to each photo. His pictures are rich, detailed, and strong. Never leaving a photo half edited, each individual picture looks like it is made for the pages of a magazine.


One of Nasser’s most recent projects, a fashion shoot for CityStar Magazine’s 2014 line, combines elements of high fashion with current day architecture and modern influences. One image in particular stood out to us from this collection. It shows a number of models sitting at small tables in what seems to be a bistro of sorts. The café seems very French, and if it weren’t for the connecting ceiling, one would automatically assume that the subjects are sitting in an outdoor café.


However, with the addition of the ceiling, the lighting changes. Now, we instantly see a shopping mall type atmosphere, which simultaneously cheapens the café experience and draws our eyes away from the overall scene and closer in to the details. You realize that only one out of the dozen models pictured is not wearing an origami hat over her face. You also realize that black and white are the only colors of clothing in this scene. Furthermore, you now see that the subjects are all in office appropriate clothing.


A French café, a mall, and office workers: all things and places that overlap at times, but are usually never exclusive to one another. Yet, in Nasser’s photo they blend together effortlessly.




It is in this way that Nasser is able to provoke such intrigue and curiosity in his work. Even images that have less detail to them, like his beauty shots, are still captivating. In his most recent beauty shots, found on Nasser’s website, the photographer chooses one detail to stand out from the rest. Holistic beauty is captured in each image, however there is always one feature that seems to stand out from the rest, be it the model’s eyes, mouth, or nose. Each featured aspect is usually portrayed in a better than average way. If the focus is lips, Nasser will often have thick glossy lipstick. If it is the eyes, then false lashes and a healthy dose of mascara help the model come to life. Regardless of the subject, each and every picture is greater than life.


We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Louay Nasser’s photography. As it stands, he is already working with various international companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, European Union, and the Italian Fashion Academy.


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