Corporate Series Spotlight: Zappos’ Employee-Friendly Culture Fosters Positive Customer Experience

Corporate Series Spotlight: Zappos’ Employee-Friendly Culture Fosters Positive Customer Experience

Zappos really does deliver happiness. The shoe and clothing retailer remains customer-centric and treats its employees with the utmost respect. Despite being acquired by Amazon in 2009, the company has been able to keep its corporate culture in tact. Named one of Fortune’s Best 100 Companies To Work For in 2013, the company continues to soar even after being founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn.


Similar to other corporations we’ve spotlighted (Amazon and Nordstrom, for example) Zappos proves that customer satisfaction begins solely with the appreciation of its employees. It’s something that the Zappos’ corporate culture takes seriously, as evidenced by the strategies they implement to provide a positive work environment.


This kind of employee-focus can be felt at every level of the corporation. New hires at Zappos receive five weeks of training in the areas of culture, core values, customer service, and the company warehouse. The focus on culture is integrated into all departments, employee roles, performance reviews, mission, vision and goals at Zappos. CEO Tony Hsieh also views this commitment as a dutiful promise. He understands that his employees need to feel comfortable in order to make the customer service experience with the consumer a pleasant one. Hsieh states:

“More than 95 [percent] of Zappos’ transactions take place over the Web, so each actual phone call is a special opportunity. ‘They may only call once in their life, but that is our chance to wow them.”


Hsieh felt this way even after being acquired by Amazon. He speaks more about this passion for excellent customer service and employer culture in the 2013 autobiography, “Delivering Happiness: A Path To Profits, Passion, and Purpose.” Hsieh proves that a strong foundation forms when a leader values its followers. The same message can be applied in any workplace. It’s the way Zappos operates and customers sing their praises for it. Their team inspires other young entrepreneurs to act with humility rather than force and to forever remember to treat everyone with respect. That’s a business mentality we can all appreciate.


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