Be a Better You: Take Time to Reflect

Be a Better You: Take Time to Reflect

A couple weeks ago, a friend and I went to see the film “Boyhood.” The film follows the life of a boy from age five to adulthood, and is the first time a film like this has been made. After the film was over, the credits rolled, and the theater emptied, my friend and I were left with a feeling we could not shake. Instead of talking about the film, we were silent, consumed by our own reflection.


We live in a fast paced world where once we are done with something, we claw at anything and everything to hold our attention. Silence bothers us and being in our own heads drives us crazy, but without pausing or taking the time to reflect, we miss out on the opportunity to make sense of ourselves and the world around us.


We forget the value of reflection, of taking the time to think about our lives and more fully understand ourselves — especially when something affects us more deeply, like when we watch a movie that relates so closely to your own life you are not sure how to process it. Or when you read a book and the poetry of the words resonate with how you are feeling or what you are going through. Or simply reflecting on the events in your life. Reflecting on the moments of joy and the moments of sorrow, thinking about your friends and family, and the people who have influenced your life. Reflection is thinking about the big transitions in your life, like starting a new job, moving to a new place, or just the events of your day.


When my friend and I stepped out of the theater, we realized we had seen something that moved us. In taking the time to reflect, we took the time to embrace our thoughts and embrace the silence between us. Reflection helps us to think through and sort out what the world around is trying to say.


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Carolyn Ambrosich

Carolyn Ambrosich attends Fordham University in New York City, where she is majoring in psychology and is a member of the rugby team. She was born in Texas, but raised in Colorado and Maryland. Carolyn suffers from wanderlust and is always looking for adventure. She loves cats, meeting new people, music, and relaxing with friends. Follow her on Twitter @whatsthesich

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