10 Simple Tips from Reddit to Improve Your Life

10 Simple Tips from Reddit to Improve Your Life

Reddit’s subreddit LifeProTips (LPTs) can be a great, simple way to effect positive change in your life. Users submit short pieces of advice that, if heeded, can make you a true pro at life. Here are ten LPTs that you can incorporate into your life:


1. If a baby/toddler appears to hurt him/herself (falls over, hits head, etc.) and they look to you, always meet their gaze and smile. (submitted by Skizm)


2. When delivering a speech, print it and change the text color every four lines to keep your place. (submitted by DeaconNuno)


3. When an elderly person can’t hear you, speak deeper not louder. (submitted by RubberFirstOfJustice)


4. When you’re really mad at someone for something they did, always start the conversation by asking, “what happened?” And avoid criticism. You never know what really happened unless you ask. (submitted by Redandbluedit)


5. If you get in a taxicab and the manual door locks have been unscrewed, get out! (submitted by JackleBee)


6. Mosquito bite? Press a hot spoon (e.g. the one you stirred your coffee with) onto the spot. The heat will destroy the protein that caused the reaction, and the itching will stop. (submitted by firu86)


7. If you receive a spam text message, forward it to 7726 (SPAM). Your carrier (all of them) will reply asking for the number it came from. This helps them put a stop to unsolicited ads for their customers. (submitted by ikonoclasm)


8. LPT: Once you have a child, create an email for them. Write them an email as often as you like as they age. (submitted by trolliamnot)


9. If you buy something on Amazon and the price goes down within seven days of your purchase, you can e-mail them and they will refund how much the price went down. (submitted by XSWSX123Dude)


10. Store your ice cream tubs in freezer bags in the freezer. This will keep them “just opened soft” for a long time. (submitted by bbbiha)


Can you think of any helpful LPTs? Share them below or on Twitter @ryanlawlessness

Ryan Lawless

Ryan Lawless is an undergraduate student at Fordham University. He studies English and Spanish as majors, and philosophy as a minor. He won the Margaret Lamb Writing to the Right-Hand Margin award for creative fictional writing, and has been published in Fordham's literary magazine The Ampersand, and its newspaper, The Observer. Ryan grew up in New York, but is also an Irish citizen. He enjoys fiddles, coffee, and music.

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