Work Smarter: Healthy Habits for the Workplace

Work Smarter: Healthy Habits for the Workplace

Do you ever feel like the work day sucks out any motivation you had for working out? If you are working in a traditional office setting, there is not much doubt you have felt this pain. Both intern queens and motivational self-help books will suggest finding a healthful balance in your work life, but you will never know what works for you until you try out each tip for yourself. Let MUIPR guide you to becoming your best, healthy self at work. You can be on your way if you keep a few things in mind:


Remember, the best way to becoming more healthier minded at work actually begins before you even step in the door.

1. Get up, get up! Are you used to oversleeping through your alarm? Switch up your mind set. When you start your physical day an hour or so earlier than when you have to wake up, your energy will be revved up so you can tackle and embrace the day. Instead of waking up at the absolute last second, setting your alarm earlier will let you ease into conquering the morning, instead of rushing out a frazzled mess.

Take this extra morning time to outline your individual goals for the day. Write a gratitude list, or give your body a nice stretch. Enjoy breakfast to music, or just indulge in a morning shower. Whatever you want to give to yourself during these few precious minutes, take it.


2. Try parking your car far away from the entrance (while still in sight distance) of your office building. This will force you to enjoy the elements on the slight walk to work (sunshine, preferably) and get closer to reaching an every day goal of 10,000 steps.


3. Take the stairs. This might be an overly exhausted reported rule, but it’s still a great rule. Follow it.


While At Work:

MUIPR Works Healthy

MUIPR Works Healthy

1. If you’re able to steal away for five minutes, set your iPhone timer every hour or two, and start walking around the courtyard/parking lot/bathroom/anywhere you can. Circle the parking lot, and enjoy the sun on your back in silence, uninterrupted.

Again, if this is a manageable, try it but also remember to be realistic about your supervisor’s expectations. If they’re constantly looking for you when you should be at your desk, start small and take one five-minute walking break. Try to work your way up to three times a day.  Your legs will be happy you did.


2. Stay hydrated at all times. Instead of gulping down a cup of coffee, opt for a glass of water. Drinking water first thing may eliminate the cravings for other snacks or beverages and help you stay fuller longer. If you must have your caffeine, dilute the amount you’re drinking with more water. Absorbing that amount of liquid can help you avoid dangerous snacking during the peak worktime sleepy hour.


Do you have any tips for becoming a healthier working bee? Do you already exercise any of these smart working habits? Share your advice with me in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro

Kelsey Browne

Kelsey Browne, graduate of Wake Forest University, majored in English, Film and Entrepreneurship. She has contributed to WFU Style, Gulfshore Life Magazine, and the Naples Daily News. Kelsey believes that every individual deserves an escape from the everyday. Entertainment, to her, is exactly what "Nurse Jackie" might prescribe. Kelsey reports on a variety of stories for MUIPR. Follow on twitter @Kelseymbro.

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