The Real College Packing List

The Real College Packing List

In three weeks, you will move into a college dorm. You have checked the schools packing list a million times and you are set with your XL twin sheets, a mini fridge, and every storage container you will ever need, ready to go in your living room. There are several things, however, that they will not put on the packing list for college, but that does not mean they are not as important. Here is a list of things you should not leave home without.


1. An air of caution. The allure of parties and booze filled nights dance in your head, and you cannot wait to go to your first official college party. What you should remember are those friends you go out with on the first night do not know you all that well; that means that they may not feel the need to stick with you all night. Make sure you do not put yourself in a dangerous or compromising situation that you are not suited to handle when you have had a little too much to drink.


2. The drive to go to class. Parties are a great part of college, but they should not be your whole experience. Get up and go to class, ask questions, and participate. If you do not make classes a priority now, you might never, and, hey, you might actually learn something.


3. The ability to do laundry. Newsflash, your mom cannot come to college and will not be there to do your laundry anymore. Before you leave, ask her to teach you. This goes for simple cooking tasks, as well. Unless you want to be cooking ramen for the entirety of your college life, learn how to cook pasta and sauté mushrooms. Knowing how to do these things before college will make the transition much easier.


4. An open mind. College is full of awesome opportunities and even better people. Forget about what others think is cool, and embrace new experiences. In college, you will learn and grow more than you ever thought possible, in other places than just the classroom. Having an open mind to different people will open your world up to opportunities that may challenge you and help you find out who you are.


5. The strength to change your mind. You may start out as an English major, but find that your core Bio 101 class may actually be your calling. Do not be afraid to change your mind, or your major. College is about what you want, not what you think your parents or society want. Choose something that speaks to you and that you enjoy; in the end, you will be happy you did.


6. Enjoy it. You are about to embark on a journey that will influence the rest of your life. It is a time to question, a time to explore, and a time to find who you are and what you stand for. There is not a popular kids lunch table anymore, and no one knows that you used to wet the bed at sleepovers, so do not bother bringing your old insecurities. You are in a new place, and now is the time to figure out what that means for you. And just like all of the seniors will tell you, it goes fast.


7. Shower shoes. No one likes gnarly foot fungus.


What are your must-haves for college? Let me know in the comments below or tweet at me @whatsthesich

Carolyn Ambrosich

Carolyn Ambrosich attends Fordham University in New York City, where she is majoring in psychology and is a member of the rugby team. She was born in Texas, but raised in Colorado and Maryland. Carolyn suffers from wanderlust and is always looking for adventure. She loves cats, meeting new people, music, and relaxing with friends. Follow her on Twitter @whatsthesich

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