Land A New Career and Let LinkedIn Handle the Legwork

Land A New Career and Let LinkedIn Handle the Legwork


More and more employers and recruiters are turning to resources like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other networks to discover new talent.  A recent survey by software firm Jobvite found that nearly 95% of recruiters currently use or plan to leverage social media to find candidates. Therefore, job seekers must arm themselves with a strong, unique online presence to stand out to recruiters and possible future employers.

social media icons-MUIPRHiring managers receive stacks and stacks of resumes daily, so it is crucial to have a resume that stands out. With more job seekers and employers turning to online recruitment, it is just as important to create a social media presence that is strong. Hannah Morgan, job coach and co-author of Social Networking for Business Success, advises, “you need a strong social media presence even if you aren’t job seeking.”




Here are a few tips to help you strengthen and/or increase your presence online:


  1. Be Consistent. Morgan also notes that it is good to upload the same professional headshot onto all social platforms. If you use a middle initial on your resume, have your middle initial in your Twitter username and on your LinkedIn profile. Include links to your other profiles and to your blogs and websites. This allows you to be more easily found across all mediums.

  2. Be Interactive. President of MJS Executive Search, Matt Schwartz, recommends updating your status, sharing articles, and starting conversations with other users. This gives recruiters the chance to get to know you and your personality in a more relaxed atmosphere.

  3. Make the Right Connections. We’ve all heard the old adage, “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” That principle can most definitely be applied in the professional world of social media. Increasing your number of trusted connections on LinkedIn and following the right people and companies on Twitter will allow your name to cross more people’s screens.


By implementing these simple, quick tips into your social networking strategy, you may find yourself well on your way to a promotion or a new job!


Have you had successes in your job search by using social media? Let’s talk strategy here in the comments section below, or you can tweet me @TiffaniJPurdy.

Tiffani Purdy

Tiffani Purdy is the Assistant Editor for MUIPR Blog. She attends the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Tiffani has ventured to various areas in Oregon and the Big Island of Hawaii in her quest for self-discovery. Her interests include curling up with a good book and her cats, practicing yoga, and extensive Netflix marathons. She is expecting her first child in June. Follow on Twitter @TiffaniJPurdy.

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