Job Seekers: 5 Hot Baby Boomer Industries You Should Target For Your Job Search

Job Seekers: 5 Hot Baby Boomer Industries You Should Target For Your Job Search

Baby boomers are having an impact on the younger generation of job seekers today. With high rates of baby boomers retiring, there is an even greater need to fill vacancies in the workforce that cater to and support them directly.


According to Kerry Hannon, AARP job expert and award-winning author of “What’s Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job”, five industries have reported an increase in job openings this year. These industries are:


1. Health Care: Longer life expectancies are causing a surge in demand for healthcare workers and professionals alike. Due to this increase, the “U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that industries related to health care will generate the most new jobs, 5 million. New ones are cropping up all the time for people in their 50s, 60s and 70s that cater to people in their 80s and 90s.”


Possible careers to consider in this sector include dietitian and nutritionist, patient advocate, personal and home health care aide, massage therapist, physical therapist (and aide/assistant), registered nurse or licensed/practical nurse, nurse practitioner, senior fitness trainer, skin care specialist, home modification professional, medical equipment maintenance and repair, and medical records administrator.

2. Financial Planning: With more and more emphasis placed on the retirement lifestyle for baby boomers, there has been an increase in the demand for financial planners to help advise on ways in which to save for that stage of life. Beginning with the baby boomers, long-term savings awareness inspires more individuals to seek out advisers and experts to help  plan for the future. Jobs to explore in the sector include accountant, personal financial adviser and planner, insurance broker, retirement coach, bookkeeper, financial manager and tax preparer.


3. Leisure & Hospitality: If more workers are retiring, what will they busy themselves with during the day? Well that is where leisure activities come into play. Expect to see a demand for workers in the service industry, ranging from such occupations as barber and hairdresser, cosmetologist, casino worker, caterer, chef, cruise line worker, landscaper, pet sitter/walker, recreation worker, resort worker, tour worker, bartender, waiter and hotel shuttle van driver, among others.


4. Retail: With more money saved in the bank and more time to spare, of course more shopping will result. Retail jobs in demand as the baby boomers age out, include: cashier, customer service representative, package preparer, e-commerce analyst, direct salesperson, retail salesperson, sales representative and product demonstrator.


5. Professional & Business Services: Consider finding a position in the business services sector, as startup businesses and brands offering entrepreneurial advice, will see a high demand in growth. Positions in this segment include: grant/proposal writer, green-business consultant; human resource specialist; information security analyst; database administrator; management consultant; market research; meeting, convention and event planner; translator/interpreter.


The inherent beauty across all five of these industries lies in the fact that individuals may come from various backgrounds and begin anew with one of these aforementioned career options.  According to Hannon, it all depends on your search preferences and skill sets as “pay rates may vary depending on the employer, your experience and where you live. The jobs may offer flexible hours either full or part time.; some may require you to go back to school for additional training. However for some, you may be able to repurpose skills you already have.”


If you really can not stand the thought of supporting the baby boomer generation in any way, consider an alternate hot job industry sector: energy. Studying the Earth as a geologist or designing and manufacturing as an engineer to predict fuel and energy sources in the Earth’s crevices is in high demand and the need does not appear to be going away anytime soon.


Although employment is never guaranteed, it is important to never give up the on the search. Our hope at MUIPR is that if you are in dire need of employment, this guide may direct you on the path toward your own professional success.



What do you think of top hottest industries hiring now? Do you currently work in any of these industries? What is your advice for readers on the job hunt? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro

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