Blogging: A Branding Tool to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Blogging: A Branding Tool to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Blogging is a great past time and an excellent form of creative expression. For many, it is a hobby, something they do on the side. For others, blogging is another social media platform. In both cases blogging is a branding tool someone can leverage to improve their writing, increase their exposure and engage with people on a broader scale.


Along with these pros, what few people know is that blogging can actually help your career. Not everyone will end up blogging as their full time job, but everyone can benefit from blogging in their full time job. Here are the reasons blogging is beneficial and why you should consider starting your own.


Build your portfolio. Blogs are full of pictures, videos, and other forms of media, but the main content on blogs are words. Keeping a blog will help you grow as a writer, and over time you will build a large portfolio of work. In addition to building your quantity of writing samples, you will also increase your quality. Practice makes perfect, and the longer you blog, the better you will become at writing.


Show your expertise. Most employers want to see that you have an interest in their field of work. Although the job you are applying for may not be journalism, the area of focus on your blog will prove your interest in that specific industry. If you are applying to be a stylist, having a fashion-focused blog will show your employer that not only are you passionate about the fashion world, but also that you have been a strong background in the industry.


Create your own brand. Branding is about more than selling products; it is about creating and selling yourself. How you present yourself on the Internet is often how employers will see you as it is the first place they look. CareerSource Central Florida says that “by listing your blog on your resume, cover letter, business card, etc., you can gain credibility with prospective employers. Your name will have meaning behind it.”


Get hired. “The blog is the new cover letter,” says’s Jessica Lawlor. Your blog tells people who you are and why they want you. Often times a blog can be the determining factor between two candidates because it shows your potential in and out of the office. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for employers to reach out to people via social media and blogs.’s Rachel Maleady says that her blog helped her land “freelance gigs at a national magazine and a small fashion boutique.” She continues by saying, “blogging is the first step to putting yourself out there.”


Blogs have many positive factors to them, however one thing to keep in mind is that an inappropriate blog can be just as influencing as a professional blog. No matter what content you produce, the facts of the blogging world remain the same: you will brand yourself, you will show your expertise, and you will get noticed.


Our advice? Pick something you love, and have fun with it. Your passion will show, and keeping content updated will be much easier. At first, creating content may seem difficult so consider making yourself a schedule. Try with one post a week, then two, and keep increasing each month while you are starting out. Before long, you will be thinking of new posts every day.


“What is done in love is done well” -Vincent Van Gogh


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Lydia Yekalam

Lydia Yekalam is a Freelance Writer for MUIPR. She was born and raised in Seattle, and is currently a communications major at the University of Washington. Lydia loves traveling and hopes to one day live in Europe. Her hobbies include taking Instagram-worthy photos, creating DIY interior design projects, and pursuing all things fitness related. Follow Lydia on Twitter @LydiaYekalam

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